3 Reasons To Use Professional Piano Care

Every time a new customer visits my store, I will ask if it is his or her first time buying a piano. If it is, then I will talk about the many types of pianos I have to offer. Thereafter, I will discuss the most important thing about owning the musical instrument and that is piano care. I cannot tell my customers enough about the importance of tuning the instrument. Tuning should be done at least twice or three times per year by a professional, especially if the piano is used daily. Aside from tuning, you need to ensure that the exterior is taken care of, as you would not want any scratches or dents.

When it comes to tuning the musical instrument, it is highly recommended that you hire the services of a highly skilled piano tuner. Here are three reasons why it is important to hire a professional tuner:piano care

1. Knows the Ins and Outs of the Musical Instrument

A Registered Piano Technician or an experienced tuner knows all the fine points of pianos. Whether it is a Steinway or a Baldwin, he or she is able to fine-tune it without any difficulties.

2. Has the Ability to Determine if There are Internal Damages

If you hire an unknown piano repairer or simply a person who has no knowledge of the instrument, he or she is unable to find out if there are any damages to the piano. However, a RPT can tell if the soundboard is damaged or the keys need to be replaced, simply by tweaking the bridges or strings.

3. Can Tune the Pianos to Perfection

If you choose to let your next-door neighbor or yourself tune or repair the instrument, there is a good chance that you will cause more damages. In the end, you will need to send it to a qualified individual and end up paying more than you would like to. Professional tuners will not find it difficult to fix the pianos. If the musical instrument is out of tune or pitch, he or she is able to repair the tune or pitch without causing additional damages. Additionally, it will take them only a few hours to tune it or a couple of days to repair any damages found in your piano.

The Costs of Piano Tuningpiano tuner

Piano care may cost a lot of money depending on what is wrong with your unit. Other determining factors include location of the tuner and his or her level of experience. Since the cost differs from location to location, it is highly recommended that you meet as many RPTs as you can to obtain the most affordable quote. However, you still need to make sure that the RPT is experienced enough to tune your piano to perfection. Normally, it can cost anything between $75 and $100 for a normal tuning. Nonetheless, if the piano sounds relatively flat, it will cost an additional $50 to $70. The flatter the sound is, the more you will need to pay the technician to repair it.

Where to Find Registered Piano Technicians

The best place to search for RPTs is the Internet, as it takes only a few minutes to come across some of the most experienced RPTs in your neighborhood. The Internet allows you to compare prices, which will definitely help if you do not have a lot of money allocated for piano care. If you do not have Internet access, you can talk to your neighbors, family or friends and ask if they are able to provide a few recommendations of piano tuners in your region.

Do you take piano care seriously at all?  

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