3 Most Popular Celviano Piano Myths

Numerous celebrities and musicians from all over the world seek the Celviano digital piano celvianobecause it is one of the best digital pianos available on the market. Despite its greatness hitherto, there are large numbers of people who are skeptical about this particular digital piano, mainly because of all the myths that are going the rounds. This blog post focuses on the three most popular myths, the truth and the best places to buy a digital piano.

Myth #1 – It Requires Tuning Frequently

This myth has been going around for many years. It is said that the Celviano needs frequent tuning in order for it to work at its best. Without tuning it frequently, the keys will start to act up and eventually, the owner will not hear all the remarkable sounds it used to emit.

The Truth – Digital pianos are not like acoustic pianos. They do not need to be tuned frequently and this is perhaps the main benefit of owning a digital piano. Songs or sounds that you play on this piano are recorded and saved on the hardware. The hardware allows these songs and sounds to maintain their authenticity over time.

Myth #2 – It is the Most Expensive Musical Instrument

A few months ago, I suggested one of the Celviano digital pianos to a couple who wanted to buy a digital piano for their son. They said no immediately without even looking at it. I was curious, so I asked why, and they responded by saying that their friends and colleagues said it was the most expensive digital piano on the market. I could not let them leave the store without stating the truth.

The Truth – If you plan to buy a musical piano that is practical, the digital piano is definitely the best choice. It is affordable and as mentioned above, there is no need for tuning, and that in itself saves you plenty of money in the long run. You do not have to worry about the keys being out of tune or imperfect. Therefore, not only is it affordable, it is not a high-maintenance musical instrument either.

Myth #3 – Limited Variety of Soundsdigital pianos

Word of mouth has it that a Celviano has a limited variety of sounds, which makes it a musical instrument that is not ideal for a variety of musical occasions. I read online about one of these models and the article stated that the dynamic level was nothing to be proud of if you were an owner of this digital piano.

The Truth – I beg to differ when it comes to the sound and the dynamic level of this particular digital piano series. All the models under this digital piano offer a wide selection of sounds or better known as voices. You will find between 16 and 250 voices depending on which model you decide to buy. This makes it an outstandingly flexible piano for a variety of musical occasions. All the dynamic levels provide a definite bona fide voice and they allow you to play the voices across the stage. You are able to play from pianissimo to fortissimo without the sound or voice “staining” or audible leaps that most cheap digital pianos offer.

Now that I have corrected the top three myths, you should know that there are numerous piano dealers and stores that offer Celviano digital pianos. Use the Internet or the local business directory to locate a reputable dealer or store. If you are in Atlanta, you can visit my store and find out more about the digital pianos and what each of them offers. I have a wide range of models that you can test to find one what suits your musical needs.

Do certain myths prevent you from buying your dream digital piano? 


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