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grand pianoI remember the first piano I ever played. My mother loved music and made sure that it was a part of our daily lives growing up. To this end, she talked my father into buying us a white baby grand piano, which was displayed prominently in our living room against a beautiful backdrop of ceiling-to-floor windows. It was the most aesthetically pleasing spot in the whole house, which made it a very inviting place to spend hours and hours of my time. Though this did not turn me into a piano virtuoso, it did instill an appreciation and understanding of music in me from a very young age, and helped me to cultivate my musical skills as I started to learn other instruments (trombone, violin, and voice). The benefits of this casual, practical introduction to music theory live on today in me.

pianos atlantaWould I have been as interested as I was in the piano had it not been as beautiful or sounded as good? As a child, these aspects probably would not have factored in for me; it’s likely I would have been just as fascinated had the piano been an old, weathered stand-up. But I know for a fact my mother enjoyed having a gorgeous high-quality piano in the house for her to play. It came in especially handy whenever she would throw cocktail parties, one of her favorite pastimes. She would invite several of her talented musician friends, who would in turn play lovely sonatas and haunting jazz ditties to the excited crowd.
pianos for saleShopping for the perfect piano among all the pianos Atlanta has to offer can be a daunting task. One must think about what kind of piano they want, whether to buy it new or second-hand, and whether it is worth the investment. But I am here today to tell you that buying a Young Chang piano is more than just purchasing a major piece of furniture. It is purchasing a lifetime of enjoyment for you, your children, and possibly your grandchildren. Plus, it makes a fantastic impression in any home, both to the eyes and to the ears. When sifting through the various pianos for sale Cooper Music has to offer, remember that this purchase is a once-in-a-lifetime investment, and that quality is utmost. Who knows, just having a piano might even shape the future musical abilities of you and of your children. In my case, I know it did.


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