Yamaha Piano, New Or Used?

Even though Yamaha Corporation is a multifaceted establishment, initially, it was focusedyamaha pianos only on keyboard instrumentation for the piano and reed organ. Nevertheless, the establishment’s insignia is still the same to this day, and its industry covers a variety of products including home appliances, motorcycles, and many more. In the musical instrument industry, Yamaha remains the largest manufacturer of quality parts for instruments. A new and used Yamaha Piano are certainly sought after by many pianists – professionals or amateurs. The pianos have graced many stages of concert halls all over the world and they have never failed to live up to their reputation.

The establishment produces different sizes and styles of pianos. You will find a variety of finishes and woods, as well. While there is no denying that the resonance of sound produced by Yamaha pianos are first-rate and flawless, it is imperative to know only few homes are able to accommodate the size of the pianos, especially if you are looking at buying a grand piano. Additionally, the price tag plays a huge part in making a decision. Below, you will find different types of Yamaha pianos.

Upright Pianosupright pianos

An upright Yamaha Piano has numerous heights, finishes, and cabinetry. The height of the piano is measured from the top of the piano to the floor. The height and width is perhaps the most important factors that influence the volume and tone quality. The taller the piano, the longer the strings are and they are able to produce louder sounds due to the bigger soundboards. The most affordable upright piano and the shortest is the spinet piano, which is about 36” to 39” in height. The console piano stands at 40” to 43”, whereas the studio piano is 44” to 48” tall. Studio pianos are normally used in living rooms, studios, and schools. Professional upright pianos stand at 48” to 53” and they may have larger soundboards and longer strings compared to smaller grand pianos.

Grand Pianos

This type of pianos varies in sizes and finishes. A grand piano is measured from the front of the keyboard to the very end of the piano. The lid is closed to obtain a precise measurement. Grand pianos have become more popular over many years and a large number of owners have enjoyed them for generations. The smallest grand piano is less than 5’ to 5’2” and it is known as a baby grand piano. People love the baby grand piano because of its size, which fits in many living rooms. The medium size of this type of piano stands at 5’3” to 7’2” and it has longer strings and a larger soundboard. Due to its tone and volume quality, many piano teachers, serious amateurs, and schools, as well as universities prefer the medium grand pianos. The concert grand pianos run from 7 foot to 9 foot and they are normally used in auditoriums, churches, public performances, and concert halls.

Digital Pianosdigital pianos

Many people buy a new or used digital Yamaha Piano for various reasons, such as:

– It can easily be moved from one place to another
– It has all the extras to enjoy
– It does not require tuning
– It has playback and recording devices
– It is affordable

This type of piano cannot replace traditional acoustic pianos in terms of touch and tone. Even though its sounds have been recorded with real instruments, it cannot be compared with high-quality sounds from acoustic pianos. Digital pianos are ideal for people who enjoy different instrument sounds such as woodwinds, strings, and many more. Bands or individual musicians will find these pianos to be first-class.

If you are planning to buy a piano, research is vital, because there are many types, styles, sizes, and finishes available.

Which type of piano, new or used, do you think suits you and your family the best?   

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