Where To Find A Good Piano Flea Market

The piano flea market is one of the various ways to look for a reasonably priced piano. You can piano flea marketfind these flea markets via the Internet, local newspapers or in the community hall in your neighborhood. I normally prefer to look for this type of market on the Internet, as I am able to find plenty additional and interesting things about it. It is advisable to search for a piano at a nearby flea market, as it might cost a lot of money to get it transported to your location if it is far from where you reside.

The Worldwide Web

As I mentioned above, the Internet is easy to use and quick for anyone to look for information on a myriad of things. Simply type flea market for pianos and within a few seconds, you will come across a long list of locations in your region where they sell pianos. Go through the links carefully and only choose the ones that seem legitimate. Just to be sure, take the time to conduct as much research as you can about the flea markets such as the organizers, the stalls and the various sellers, as well as many other things.

Recommendations from Family and Friends

While it is easier to use the Worldwide Web, you might want to consider asking your family, friends and neighbors about any piano flea market that they might know about. Their references are often trustworthy enough.

Local Newspapers and Bulletin Boards

When there is a flea market in the area, the organizer will advertise it in the local newspapers, magazines and on bulletin boards around the neighborhood. These resources are a great way to find out extra information about them. More often than not, the organizers will include a list of things or stalls that will be available at the market. This means, if you cannot find any stalls listed with pianos, you can skip the particular market and find a new one that actually sells them.

Even though there have been positive stories about people buying pianos from a flea market, it is important that you take some preventive measures when you decide to buy one there.

To avoid buying a pitiable unit, consider doing the following:

Check the Chords – It is important that you check the chords. The hammers hit the chords inpiano order to create the musical instrument’s extraordinary sound. However, if the chords are bent out of shape, they will produce an awful sound. Thus, if it is at all possible, check those chords out before you buy the piano, as they can be potentially pricey to replace.

Play the Keys – Find out if all the keys are in the right working order. Broken and jammed keys are expensive to repair or replace, therefore avoid them at all costs. If the seller does not allow you to play the keys, I advise that you skip it and move on to the next piano.

Pedals of the Piano – Are the pedals working? Does the piano even have pedals? This may seem funny but I have come across these musical instruments at a piano flea market that did not come with pedals. I have no idea why they were up for sale, as it would seem pointless to play a piano without pedals. Therefore, ensure that the pedals are available and that they are actually working.

Aesthetic Value of the Musical Instrument – Avoid buying a piano that has a poor aesthetic value. Check the quality of the wood and strings especially if it is a vintage piano. You should look out for signs of rotten wood, chipped or missing pieces.

Will you consider buying a piano at the piano flea market in your area?

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