What’s My Piano Worth?

piano pricesAs I’ve watched my children practice their music on our piano,  I’ve often asked myself, "What”s my piano worth?"  For me, this instrument is:

A Lifetime of Family Memories

Almost every holiday in our home seems to end with someone playing while the rest of us sing.  Furthermore, I will always remember my children’s eager faces as they ask me to sit down and listen to them play their latest piece.  All of us will carry the memory of my mother playing her favorite hymns  to my father.  This instrument has been at the center of the best memories of our family.

A Tool to Teach our Children

My piano has been there, day in and day out as my children have learned perserverence and patience by practicing lessons. I  also know what they learned in piano lessons atlanta has helped them to focus better in school. They’ve even overcome their fears as they’ve faced new challenges and prepared pieces to play for grandparents, and public recitals. Even more importantly, they’ve learned to love making music and sharing music with others.

piano lessons atlantaA Way to Spread the Love of Music

Spreading the love of music is one of my life goals and I’ve also noticed that having an instrument in our home has helped us to spread the love of music with everyone who visits. So many times when we have someone visit, we end up gathered around while someone plays. As my children have learned new pieces of music, we have enjoyed listening and learning anew about the music and the composers.

A Place to Relieve Stress

Playing  and listening to my family and friends play is a wonderful way to get away from the stress of daily life and busy schedules. My instrument always beckons to me when I’m tired or cranky. Just a few minutes of music calms me down, cheers me up and makes me ready to face the next challenge and build a better world.

What’s it worth?

Our piano is not just a piece of furniture, it is a center of our family life. It helps us to build a better world by sharing our love of music with one another and anyone who visits our home. What’s my piano worth & what are piano prices in the current marketplace? More than I could ever repay.

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