What To Look for When Buying A Upright Piano

When I was small, one of the things I most looked forward to was going to my grandparents’ house, and seeing the marvelous upright piano they’d had since the 40s. I spent hours listening to my grandmother banging out everything from church hymns to ragtime. I never became very good at playing the piano myself, … Continued

The Amazing Art Of Playing Piano

What makes playing piano an art is in the name itself. Piano is actually short for pianoforte—soft and loud. The piano was the first keyboard instrument since the pipe organ that gave the performer complete control over the dynamics of the instrument’s sound. A system of springs controlled the action of hammers hitting the strings. … Continued

Vertical Pianos Are Manufactured Along Side Grand Pianos

Vertical Pianos is a term often used in the piano industry, but most people know them as Upright Pianos. Obvious reasons abound for this, but the main reason it that the strings are vertical in this version of the popular and beautiful instrument known as the piano, short for painoforte, the original, Italian name.

Used Pianos And A Piano Dealer

Do you have a cherished family piano that has been passed down for several generations?  I do.  When I was nine years old and starting to take piano lessons, my mother informed me, my brother, and my sister that whoever would learn to play the piano the best would get our old fashioned Baldwin upright piano … Continued

Piano Repair Should Have A Warranty

Your piano is your passion. And it’s an investment that should not only last you a lifetime—but should be around for generation after generation. That’s why proper piano repair and tuning are essential to keeping your piano in prime shape.

Piano Moving Risks

If you do not have the experience or knowledge of moving a piano, the idea of moving it can cause you a major headache. If you think that your piano is not that heavy, then you are in for a surprise. Piano moving is definitely not for everybody. A sudden drop or a breakage can … Continued

Cooper Music Made History With The Sousa Band

In 1920’s one of the best known Victor Red Seal Record’s celebrities was John Phillip Sousa. Cooper Music Minstrals had been able to sell out several concerts to raise money selling Liberty Bonds during the "War to End All Wars", John Cooper was sure he could do it again, with Sousa’s Marine Band.