Steinway Grand Piano

When I was eight,  we moved into a new house, acquired a Steinway Grand Piano and two horses all in the same year. That year  I learned that horses and pianos have souls.   You have to get to know them.  You have to treat them with respect. My parents, like Steinway Grand Pianomost, were trying to give their kids "the good life." Some of that simply meant keeping up with the Jones’,  but some of it meant we were exposed to all kinds of good in the process.  Music is good life.

A Steinway Grand Piano is an investment in music.  My sister and I  both took lessons but as circumstances would have it, she really mastered the piano and I didn’t.  The fact that I don’t really play is okay.  I know that late at night, alone in the house, she fills it with music and thus becomes not really alone.  The fact that I grew up with a piano means that I know there are ways to access one’s joy.  I have found other ways to access mine, but the piano first gave me the experience of creating something beautiful and being transported in the process.

SteinwayPeople who play say that choosing a piano is a very individual decision.  They have to play the piano and listen to its particular sound.  They have to see if the keys respond to their particular touch.  It is the beginning of a relationship, choosing a piano and it shouldn’t be done lightly.  

Most of us have to factor in the sheer cost of a Steinway Grand Piano.  Many of us can’t afford one, but given the chance, in a perfect world, who wouldn’t own one?   Things don’t generally make people happy, but creating beauty  does so perhaps that piano is a better investment than one might think.  It certainly did the trick in my family.

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