Hallet Davis Player Piano
Baldwin Semi Concert GrandHallet Davis Player Piano

Hallet Davis HS 148PM111 Player

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HS 148 EP Contemporary Grand

QRS Pianomation Player System runs with your IPhone
QRS Pianomation Player System runs with your IPhone


Size:4’10” – 148 cm
Action Material:HornbeamAction Rail:AluminumAgraffes:YesBeam Material:SpruceBridges:Vertically Laminate/Maple
Duplex Scale:YesFallboard:Slow Close
Hammers:Reinforced 22 lb Felt Weight
Keybed:Multi-Laminated Spruce
Key Material:Select Grained Spruce
Plate:Sand Cast
Pinblock:19-Ply Maple
Rib Material:Spruce
Ribs Notched Into Liner:Yes
Rim-Inner:Walnut – 18 Plys
Rim-Outer:Walnut – 9 Plys
Soundboard:Multi-Radial Spruce
Soundboard Area:1564 sq. in. – 10090.302 cm
Speaking Length of #1 Bass String:43.31 in. – 100.007 cm
Strings:Roslau – Germany
Tuning Pins:Blued Steel Nickle Plated
Weight-Boxed:779 lbs – 353 kg

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