Wilhelm Schimmel W180

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Simple elegance and traditional piano manufacturing meet in our small Wilhelm grand piano. A wonderful symbiosis that allows a musical experience for all senses. The sound, the action, and the entire instrument meet the highest demands within an excellent price point.

In 1882, Wilhelm Schimmel learned piano making at the Vogel & Sohn factory in Leipzig, Germany. Now 4th generation Hannes Schimmel-Vogel directs the family business of Schimmel Pianofortefabrik. The Schimmel line is divided into 4 distinct levels: The upper level “Konzert” is the latest design utilizing computer-enhanced concepts and scale. “Classic” is the traditional line. “Wilhelm Schimmel” is Schimmel designed and built in Poland. Models are marked K, C, and W respectively.

L (inch) | L x H x W (cm): 5′ 11” | 182 x 103 x 145
Weight (lbs | kg): 754 | 342

Ebony high gloss
White high gloss
Mahagony high gloss