Steinway Model A3
Steinway Model A3Steinway Model A3Steinway Model A3Steinway Model A3Steinway Model A3Steinway A3 #290966

Steinway Model A3 290966

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This is a very Rare Steinway Grand model A3 6″ 4″ piano made in New York in 1938. This collectors item was made by the same craftsman that made the Horowitz model D. Meticulously restored by our artisans. Steinway doesn’t get any better than this!

New Custom Made Pin Block
New Pins & Wire
Plate Stripped and Refinished
Cabinet Repair
New Hand Rubbed Finish Close Pore
Natural or Ebony
New Damper Felt
Damper Heads Refinished
Guide Rail Rebushed
Buff and Clean Hardware
Sound Board Refinished / Bridge Refinished
Replace Fall Board Logo
Action work
• NEW – Steinway & Sons Genuine Hammers
• NEW – Steinway & Sons Genuine Shanks
• NEW – Steinway & Sons Genuine Whippens
• NEW – Steinway & Sons Genuine Backchecks
• New Letoff Buttons & Screws, New Flange Screws, New Frame Screws, New Key End Felts
• Keys Re-bushed, New Key Tops, Spacing & Leveling
• Tuning & Regulation
• Matching Bench

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