Piano Rental Atlanta, Try It Before You Buy It

When beginners ask if they should buy a piano, my advice is always the same – consider piano rental atlantarenting one from piano rental Atlanta first, especially if they are young, first time piano students. Parents are always keen to send their children for piano lessons, but at times, their children are not as interested as they may think.

In most cases, children take about four to six months to show their passion and enthusiasm for playing the piano. If you decide to buy a piano for your child of six or seven years old and if he or she decides not to continue with the lesson, then the purchase will only be a waste of money. There is no harm in renting one before you make a firm and final decision to buy one.

The Costs of Piano Rentals

Depending on the type of piano that you want to rent and your location, it can vary from $20 to $80 a month. Typically, there is a contract involved and the minimum amount of months you can rent depends on the store. A few piano stores may allow you to rent their unit for a minimum period of six months, while others may only offer eight to twelve months and above. Several piano rentals can be credited toward the purchase of any new or used pianos available at the store. Keep in mind that if you are looking at owning a scratch free piano, then a rental is certainly not the ideal alternative.

Is Renting a Good Idea?

I must say that renting is a great idea especially for beginners, even for intermediate players. However, you need to endure the wear and tear that each piano rental may have, as it has been rented out numerous times over several years and it usually does not compare to a new piano. Needless to say, if you want to ensure that you or your child is going to play the piano for many years to come, then getting used to the idea of owning one can only start by renting it first.

Where to Find Piano Rental Atlanta

There are various resources you can use to find a piano rental company. Aside from talking to your friends and colleagues, you should consider going through the business phone directory. It may take a few hours, as you need to make sure that the rental company is reputable and offers plenty of choices. The classified sections of the local newspapers are also a great way to obtain contact details of piano rental companies in Atlanta. More often than not, these companies will advertise their promotions and pianos in this medium because people read the newspapers daily. piano lessons

Alternatively, you can use the Internet, which allows you to search for a number of the top piano rental Atlanta businesses within a few seconds. Even though it takes less time to find rental companies online, you may want to conduct some additional research on each rental business before you make the decision to visit them. Several websites owned by piano rental companies allow you to conduct comparison-shopping, meaning that you can compare a number of potential rentals at once to obtain the best piano rental. This is a neat feature since you do not have to open several browsers at the same time to make your own comparisons.

When you have found the right piano rental Atlanta business, you need to visit it to look at the pianos they present. Although you will usually not find the pianos in their best physical state, you should at least make sure that they produce a resonant sound before you decide to rent one for your child.

Would you consider renting a piano before you purchase one?

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