Piano Rental and Rent to Own

pianos for saleWhen I think about buying a piano, I do not consider it to be a purchase I will make often.  In fact, if I get the right piano for sale in my house, it is likely a purchase I will never have to make again.  Buying a piano is a big decision because the instrument will likely be in my home for quite sometime.  There are many things to consider.

Piano Rental

If you do not know yet if you want to buy a piano for your home, one great option is piano rental.  You can choose the brand and style you think you might want to buy, and then rent the piano on a monthly basis.  If you think you might want to try your hand at playing the piano, or if you have a child that wants to take lessons, rent a piano to see if you or your child enjoy the instrument.

Renting a piano can be organized on a month to month basis.  There is no time limit on how long you can have the instrument, but if want to return it after one, or many months, you can.  You will likely have to pay a delivery fee as well as a maintenance fee, but rental costs begin with as little as $25 a month.

Piano RentalRent to Own

Once you have a piano rental in your home, you may decide you want to purchase the instrument so it can be yours forever.  The rent to own piano rental options allow you to choose the style, finish, and size of piano that you want for your home.  Your rental fees will ultimately go towards the cost of the piano.  It is similar to making monthly payments on a house.  As you rent the piano over the months, you are working your way towards owning the instrument.

If you are not a piano expert yet, the best thing I can recommend is to find one to help you through the rental or purchase options.  If you live in the Atlanta area, you do not have to look any further than Cooper Piano.  We have everything you need in one location.  They can sell or rent new or uses pianos as well as help you with moving the instruments, tuning them, and answering any questions you might have on your mind.  When it comes to pianos, Cooper Piano is a one stop shop.

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