Piano Moving Questions

Having a piano is a wonderful thing especially when I was able to learn how piano movingto play. However, when I had to move it became a big headache to try to figure out how I was going to move this massive instrument out of the house, to a moving truck and then into my new home. If I lived in a place that I had to climb stairs it would have been a complete nightmare. Nevertheless, I decided to find answers to some piano moving questions to determine what I needed to do before I even tried moving the piano.

How do I move the piano?

Call a professional to help move the piano. They have a moving truck to be able to load up the piano inside of and secure it without it moving around. They also have tracks, skids, moving pads, slings, and ramps to not only move it correctly, but cause little to no damage to the instrument. Depending on the type and size of the piano will determine how many people will be needed to move it which is somewhere between two to four people.

How much do pianos weigh?

The average small piano such as a console or spinet can weigh up to 350 pounds while a full size upright weighs from 700 to 1000 pounds. Grand pianos vary from 500 to 1000 pounds and concert grand pianos weigh up to 1300 pounds.

Does a professional piano mover guarantee that the piano will not get ruined?

There is no guarantee that the piano will go without a scratch, however, what a professional can guarantee is that they will get to its destination a lot easier and in better condition than if I tried to do in on my own. They should also be insured with Workplace Safety and Insurance Board so that if anything happens to them while moving the piano, they will not come after me to pay for damages.

How much does it cost for piano moving?Piano Movers

Costs depends on various things including size, type of piano, how far it has to be moved, if the movers have to move piano on down or upstairs, and how many people will be needed to move the instrument. Price will also be decided upon the time of arrival to how long it took to move the piano. If there were any time restraints then the company will probably charge more.

These are just a few possible piano moving questions that I had when I was trying to determine how to move the instrument. I wanted to make sure that it was possible since I lived in a house that had a lot of distance to the driveway with plenty of grass in the way. The heavy weight of the piano also made me realize that I would have to call upon professionals to help me move my piano.

Build a better world through music education. Learning how to play an instrument helped me grow as an individual. I love music and I love playing the piano. Buying a piano is a once in a lifetime purchase. Once you purchase one, you will never regret it. Be sure to keep the piano in a humidity level of 40 to 50 percent. Some people may think that by moving the piano, it will change its sound, however it doesn’t. After moving my piano to my new home, it was the humidity level and temperature that effected the sound and it needed a tuning. Purchase a piano today through Cooper Piano.  





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