Piano Movers Need To Be Experienced

Moving can be very stressful for various people. If you plan to move to another location, I wouldAtlanta piano movers advise that you hire professional piano movers to help you with your piano. It can be especially stressful when moving a piano unless the mover has special knowledge and skills to move the piano safely. To make it less stressful for you, I have outlined a few guidelines about piano moving, which would help you understand what is involved and required when you move your piano from location A to B.

Why appoint a professional piano mover?

Most people use household movers to move the contents of their home, but when it comes to moving pianos, you should consider using a professional Atlanta piano movers, because the company has the appropriate equipment and experience to move pianos. Different types of pianos weigh differently, such as the average upright pianos that weigh about 400 to 900 pounds, while the grand pianos weigh between 650 pounds and 1300 pounds. The value of pianos can vary from a few hundred dollars to half a million dollars. Of course, it all depends on the model, make, condition of the piano, and age. Since moving items require the ability to move through limited spaces or up and down the stairs, professional piano movers are certainly vital. Some pianos need to be dismantled and assembled, thus experienced piano moving companies are able to minimize the risk of damaging the musical instrument.

How are the pianos moved?

When you appoint professional piano movers, you can expect two to three movers to help you with the move. They will come with slings, ramps, piano skids, moving pads and the experience of how to move the piano without causing damage. From what I have observed, these professionals will utilize special techniques to maneuver the piano out of your home and into the truck. Once in the truck, they will make sure the piano is safely secured to the truck to avoid any damage during transportation. Depending on the difficulty of the move, you might have four to six professionals helping you.

Do all professional piano movers have equal qualifications?

As with any type of employment, every piano moving company has its own level of excellence and practice. Some piano moving companies have better equipment and skills than others do, which is why it is imperative that you do some research on these companies before you hire piano moving one. Ask for recommendations from your piano teacher, technician, or local piano stores. The best people to ask are the ones who own piano stores, because they use mostly reputable piano moving agencies. Highly regarded piano movers normally use methods that have the lowest risk of damaging your piano and they are well insured, in case a mishap happens.

Are all piano moving companies similarly indemnified?

Whenever my clients ask this question, I would tell them that unfortunately, not all professional piano moving companies are properly insured. Thus, when you are interested in hiring them, you should look for piano movers that have these insurance policies under their names:

Workman’s Safety Insurance – this means the company insures its workers in case any injuries occur

• Cartage/Content Insurance – the piano movers would be insured against any damage to pianos

• Commercial/Automotive Insurance – the company is indemnified against any damage to vehicles and/or property

You are most likely to find professional movers who have one or two of the above types of insurance policies, but you will not find one that has all three policies under its name. My advice to you is to insure your piano during the move, so that if any unforeseen circumstances should occur, your piano will be safe.

Now that you know what to look for in a professional piano mover, what are your concerns when it comes to moving the piano? What are you afraid of most? 




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