Piano Lessons and the Benefits for Children

“Piano lessons benefit children on so many levels.  Reading music develops analytical skills in children, which helps in math and problems solving.  Memorization and expression help develop the right side of the brain, the creative side. This helps in school subjects like history & writing. Music and sports are the two best activities for children to learn about consistent practice and reaching goals.

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The Piano teaches children the fundamentals of music, regardless of their instrument of choice. We at the Peggy Still School of Music, Piano Lessons Atlanta, require all children under the age of 10 to take piano lessons, along with their instrument of choice.”

-Peggy Still Johnson, Peggy Still School of Music

There is no better instrument for learning the basic building blocks of music than the piano.  Whether it’s learning scales and chord structure, or learning to read music, the skills needed to play the piano can be used in any other instrument from strings to voice.

The piano keyboard gives children an excellent visual representation of the abstract concepts related to music. It helps them see the structure of chords and scales and how they relate to written music more easily than other instruments.

Aside from the benefits in learning music, studies show that learning the piano develops higher order thinking skills.  Children who take piano lessons show higher levels of abstract reasoning and spatial-temporal ability, which are needed to excel in math, science and engineering.

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The benefits of piano lessons for young children give students a head start on developing the skills they need to succeed both as musicians and in academics.

For more information about piano lessons, please go to our website www.peggystill.com   The Peggy Still School of Music partners with Cooper Music and has referred their students to buy a piano from Cooper Music for the past 20 years.


Authored by Clint Clark

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