Piano Features And Which Ones Are Important

When it comes to purchasing a piano, there are a lot of factors to take into account. Price is obviously the biggest, but there is also the factor of piano features, or the differences between several pianos you are interested in buying. Yes, there are huge differences between pianos, which you need to be aware of to find the perfect piano for you and your family. Features can include different kinds of keys (weighted or not), acoustics, pedals, and much more which can make a whole world’s difference between two pianos and their sounds,piano as well as price.

So, which are the most important features to look out for? While this may seem like a question of preference, there are a few things to check out. Personally, I think all customers interested in a piano should always look at the keys and if they’re weighted. If not, then the piano isn’t going to have as rich of a sound that will be "synthetic," and people learning to play will have a disadvantage. Weighted keys help the player with their training and produce a high quality sound that all pianos should possess. 

What are some other features?

  • If you’re interested in a keyboard, does it include pedals or not? Pedals are helpful with tone, but sometimes keyboards won’t come included and that means an extra purchase for you. Spending a little bit more on a keyboard with added pedals will be worth it in the long run.

  • Piano features like high quality strings in a traditional piano is also important. You have to be careful if you’re buying a used or refurbished piano because its strings might need to be replaced, which can be costly.

  • Digital pianos need to have several important features, such as MIDI in/out, ability to have different patches (added content like different sounds), and the possibility of being able to save music you work on. Of course, digital pianos will always have muchpiano-features more features than, say, a grand piano but these happen to be a high priority.

  • Wood quality might not seem like a feature, but it can be with nicer pianos such as a Steinway. The type of wood they use on a piano can be the difference between a piano whose sound will age well versus one whose sound will eventually deteriorate and will need to be refurbished.

Features come in all shapes and sizes with even pianos, it just entirely depends on whether you want a digital or traditional piano. Of course, digital pianos are going to have tons of features whereas traditional ones will have some features, but most of the extras will come from accessories.

Whether you go with a used, refurbished, or brand new piano, make sure you check out all of the piano features available to make an assessment that can save you hundreds of dollars. If you’re using the help of a piano retailer, then remember to go through the features of the piano of your choice with them to make sure they can help you to find a piano that you will love! You shouldn’t have to skimp out on amazing features that make it just that much better to own a piano.

What kind of features would you want in your piano? What’s your dream piano?

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