Piano Buying vs. Piano Rentals: Things to Consider


piano studentPiano Buying vs. Piano Rentals: Things to Consider

If you are a piano student, regardless of skill level, you need somewhere to practice your art. One of the first decisions you will be faced with will be whether to rent or buy your piano. As you consider both options, keep in mind that while cost is certainly the factor that will initially stand out, it isn’t the only consideration.

piano rentalRenting a Piano

Many music lovers consider piano rentals over purchasing one due to the perceived or real cost of purchasing the instrument. For beginning students, renting a piano may be a good option, as it permits the student to evaluate their instrument prior to completing a purchase. Many students ultimately purchase the piano that they began renting!

Piano rentals involve a monthly fee, dictated by the rental agreement. When signing the agreement, be sure to look for possible additional costs, such as moving charges or tuning charges, to get a clear comparison when considering this option against completing a purchase. While there are certainly benefits to renting a piano for some students, others find that purchasing their once in a lifetime heirloom piece is worth any added investment.

piano rental atlantaBuying a Piano

For many families, pianos become generational, a piece that is shared over and over again within a home. Purchasing a piano places the instrument into the household’s asset column. One of the primary advantages to purchasing a piano is that you can select precisely the instrument that best suits your needs. For many students, the pride of ownership boosts their focus and attention to playing. After all, when you own something you tend to place greater emphasis and care on the item than if you are merely renting. While buying a piano is more expensive initially than renting, when the up-front costs are factored into the equation, many retailers offer in-house financing options that will fit within most household budgets.

Whether renting or buying a piano from Cooper Piano, the time spent learning this age-old art form will remain in your memory for a lifetime.


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