Digital Piano Rental

When friends and acquaintances ask if it is best to rent a digital piano or to buy one, I would tell them that it is best to start with a rental first, especially if they are beginners. You need to learn to get used to the idea of playing a piano, thus, renting one is best, because if you do not like the piano, you can digital-pianoreturn it to the shop. Additionally, by renting one, it gives you plenty of time to save your money to buy an upright or a grand piano. 

When it comes to buying a piano, it can be a very expensive investment. The initial payment is not just to buy the piano, but you need to pay for transportation and moving, as well as, additional tuning and maintenance. As the piano owner, you need to make sure it runs smoothly and you need to find a technician that can do the maintenance work and tuning, at least, once a year. For this reason, I normally advise people to rent a digital piano because it does not require you to spend a lot of money. Below are some tips on how you can rent a piano.

What to look for

Whether you are renting or buying a piano, you should look for one that has full-size piano keys. If you find pianos with less than the standard full-size keys, it is considered a toy. Make sure it has an appropriate bench, thus, you should look for a bench that allows you to sit at a proper height. Consider your length or height when you are looking for the bench. Look for a piano that has a sustain pedal that plugs straight into your piano, or else, it will be piano-rentaldifficult to proceed beyond the very basics of your lessons.

Consider several brands of pianos

I would advise you to visit as many musical instrument or piano stores when you are shopping for a digital piano. Most shops that sell pianos do rent their pianos, as well. It is best that you rent from a reputable piano store than from an individual. Always choose one that has an audio recorder, so you can record your practices, because it is more beneficial. With so many brands that produce good quality digital pianos, you need to make time to play a few of them. If you know any piano technicians, ask him or her to accompany you. 

Takes a few things into consideration

Even though renting a piano is a lot more affordable than buying one, it is imperative that you consider a few things such as your budget and space. Only rent a digital piano that you can afford and always make sure that the piano you can afford is in a good condition and that it produces high-quality sounds. Do not be shy to ask the shop owner about the rental prices and ask as many questions as you can about the pianos. Measure the space you have allocated for the piano and provide the measurement to the shop owner as well.

Do you think it is better to rent an upright piano or a digital piano?

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