Celviano and Clavinova

If you are planning to send your kids for piano lessons, there is absolutely no point in picking up an old piano from an auction or borrowing your neighbor’s upright piano. You might end up paying a high maintenance fee especially if the upright is an ancient piano. Have you ever considered buying a digitalcelviano piano, such as a Celviano? If you have not considered it, maybe you should think about buying one for your kids. Digital pianos are sleek and shiny, and they can look stunning from across the room.

You have a choice of buying a Celviano or Clavinova digital piano, although they are from different brands, they do have the same objective, and that is to provide quality entertainment to you and your family. Most digital pianos have a 16-track multi-recorder, memory card slots, 250 tones, and 180 rhythms. As I had stated above, there are many brands that carry digital pianos but the most outstanding ones are from Casio and Yamaha, which are the Celviano and Clavinova series respectively. This blog post will tell you a few things you need to know about these models and series.

Casio AP-6

This digital piano features a built-in 250 tones with full accompaniment. In addition, it has 180 rhythms and advanced features such as, a built-in SD card storage, registration memory to recall splits, rhythms, and layers instantly, 16-track recorder, and n LCD display. Besides the dual headphone outputs, the AP-6 comes with a powerful 30W speaker system on each side. These allow it to deliver amazing sounds throughout your entire home. With its advanced technology and sound, which include the 129 notes of polyphony, duet mode, audio outputs, and USB MIDI, it would definitely make a perfect musical instrument for your home.

Casio AP-620

clavinova-pianosThis new traditional design has new stereo sounds that are akin to grand pianos. It consists of an enhanced Ivory Touch keyboard that utilize advanced tri-sensor spring-less 88 note scaled action. This means every detail and nuance of your performances are captured. The new 4-layer stereo delivers an expressive and natural piano experience for you and your kids. Similar to AP-6, the AP-620 has 250 built-in tones, duet mode, ¼” audio outputs, USB MIDI, 120 polyphony notes, and 30W side speakers.

Yamaha Clavinova CVP 500

This series is said to be a lot better than the CVP 400. You can only find five 5-level CFIIIS piano samples in this model along with Super Articulation 2 voices. The audio recorder records in .wav file and the CVP 500 is the most advanced Clavinova CVP by Yamaha, to date. This digital piano has 128 polyphony notes with additional new sounds as well. It has a USB audio recorder, which includes the MIC/LINE IN input. A 16-track sequencer is included as well. There is 1.4MB data capacity, which can be used to record each one of your practices or songs. Included is a colored-LCD display.

Yamaha Clavinova CLP-320

The Clavinova by Yamaha comes in a following range of series – 300, 400, and 500. The CLP-320 is one of the best in the 300 series, which was marketed in various cities in Europe, Asia, Brazil, Oceania, and Canada. This model is a huge improvement on the earlier CLP 220. It consists of 128 notes of polyphony tunes, damper with the half-pedal effect, and 3-level AWM dynamic stereo system. I was definitely impressed with the sound, although I know people might not share the same view. 

Would you consider buying a digital piano for your home?


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