A Look Inside The History Of Cooper Music – IV

Just as with any business, there is a history. Where it all started, how it started and how it pianosbecame who they are today. Long before the first "Welcome to Cooper Music" ever chimed the ears of a piano buyer, the history of the Cooper Family began. For the next few months, I will share with you, every Friday a special blog, containing the history of the Cooper family and creation of Cooper Music. We hope that you enjoy reading as Cooper Music is brought to life with memories. 


Johnathon found immediate employment in this new city. The town growth was dynamic. The city was founded in 1891 just a decade before the family moved from Buffalo. Real estate developers considered the large area of level land, compared to the steep river valleys around Pittsburgh, a prime location for a city. Once the land was surveyed thousands of people flooded in to the area. Investors began bringing industry in with them. The first large scale company was the Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA). Others followed, New Kensington Brewing, Logan Lumber, Keystone Dairy, Union Spring & Mfg. and many more. Early city growth achievements included PRR railroad station, the 9th St Bridge, a streetcar line, Daily Dispatch newspaper, fire department, hotel, opera house, local YMCA. In 1900 there were 4665 people living in the town , by 1906 there were 6200, however there were 24,000 in New Kensington, Arnold, Parnassus, and  immediately surrounding areas. 

There were jobs for the sons Will (20) and John (14). Will managed a picture and mirrorcooper music framing shop, owned by a local preacher. John worked at a glass company, running a beveling machine. The family home was 61 Freeport Street, Parnassus PA next to New Kensington. Things were looking up, when an ironic opportunity occurred. Son Will was without a job when, suddenly, the preacher shop owner, in an affair with the pregnant soprano in the choir had to leave town. Father Johnathon said he would take over the store location and he and son Will (25) would operate it. The picture framing business was expanded with musical items. At first violins, guitar strings and sheet music. Next, they entered the booming business of player pianos. Then son John (18) joined the growing store, to be known eventually as Cooper Music, The earlier name was Cooper Brothers.

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  1. I worked at WKPA in the late 70s and early 80s. I am particularly interested for that reason and, I had a Martin trumpet that was purchased from the store in the late 1960s.

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