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Play it Again Player Sale!

We’re here to present the latest and greatest in technology: the QRS PNOmation 3! And it starts out with 13,000 songs! But we’re going to save the BEST for last! ->


You have a piano and it's not being used?

Call us now or access the sale TODAY to take advantage of our promotion!

The regular price for this system is $10,595, BUT

It's on sale for the month of April for $8,488 while supplies last INCLUDING the installation fee!

Select an artist and choose your favorite album!

Get ALL the new releases that just came out in solo piano or in the full orchestra!

Click on “Genre” and select “Solo Classical Piano” or any other genre you want today!

Enjoy YOUR piano’s sound and not a digital recording of a piano!


Watch Blake Cooper and Kyle Smith talk about what YOU will get with the Play it Again Player Sale!

Watch Blake Cooper talk about what

YOU get with our Warehouse Lease Sale!

Your piano is just sitting at home and nobody is using it?

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We will take your piano and we will return it a PLAYER piano!

And it will NEVER make a mistake!

Enjoy LIVE music in your home or have a party and let the good times roll!

But wait! There are many more benefits to come!

QRS are THE original PNOmation company. If you have had a legacy QRS product for years, now you get a special price of $3,785 to upgrade your legacy QRS!

You have PNOmation 2?

We will come to your home and upgrade it today! For $3,785 and not a cent more!

NO need to replace the whole system: we just replace the brain! And that's the magic of the whole thing! NO ugly box on the front anymore!