Steinway Model O Ebony

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This collectible pre-owned piano has the touch and tone that made Steinway famous. It was made in 1907 in New York when the Steinway was building their best piano with the best materials. The brothers still owned the brand and factory. It sells for $78400.00 new and we are offering this beautiful piano with a matching bench for $38888.00. It has been fully restored with a Steinway Action. For more information and details on pricing please fill out the form on the right. We will have other models available soon.

Steinway O # 219311

New Custom-Made Steinway Pin Block

New Pins & strings

Plate Stripped and Refinished

Cabinet Repair

New Hand Rubbed Finish Close Pore

New Steinway Damper Felt

Damper Heads Refinished

Guide Rail Rebushed

Buff and Clean Hardware

Sound Board Repaired & Refinished / Bridge Repaired

Replace Fall Board Logo


Action work & Other

NEW – Steinway & Sons Genuine Hammers

NEW – Steinway & Sons Genuine Shanks

NEW – Steinway & Sons Genuine Whippens

NEW – Steinway & Sons Genuine Backchecks

Action – (Clean rails, Paint Bracket, Soda Blast Keys, New Letoff Buttons & Screws, New Frame Screws, New Key End Felts)

Keys Rebush, New Key Tops,

Key Side Veneering, Spacing, Leveling

Tuning & Regulation

Matching Bench

Nickel Plated Hardware


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