Kawai KG-7D

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Kawai KG-7D in Ebony 

This is a Japanese made Kawai semi-concert grand piano in fine condition. This California piano has good felt on the hammers and the soundboard is in excellent condition. The piano has been regulated and voiced to satisfy the most discerning player.

The finish is in great shape and the tone has the characteristic, warm sound that Kawai’s are famous for. Because this piano is over 7-feet long, you get a phenomenal bass. Better than that, the large soundboard and long strings create a rich sound in all registers.

Many people seek out Kawai pianos for the warmer tone they produce compared to other top Asian made pianos. This piano would be a great choice for a smaller performance venue, teaching or recording studio or for any player demanding a concert level experience without the massive size and volume of a 9-foot concert grand piano.

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